China for the timely support of providin5

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g vaccines, saying Indonesia hopes to continue to work with China on vaccine cooperation, medication research and development and exchanges of medical personnel.Luhut said Indonesia is wilu

ling to work with the Chinese side to expm

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edite the joint building of the Belt and Road, advance the construction of the regional comprehensive economic corridor and push for progress of major projects such as the Jakarta-Bandung u

high speed railway and industrial parks.IJ

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ndonesia welcomes increased investments from China and is also looking forward to electric vehicle businesses from China, he added.Indonesia is also willing to strengthen cybersecurity andq

maritime cooperation with China, activatS

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e bilateral trade working groups, convene maritime cooperation committee meeting as soon as possible, promote exports of agricultural and fishery products to China, and deepen financial coz

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  • operation.Prior to the meeting, the two sides witnessed the sigo

    ning of two memorandums of understandi7

  • ng concerning cybersecurity and industrial parks cooperation. h4

    as administered more than 9 million doj

  • ses of self-developed COVID-19 vaccines. A senior health officix

    al announced this at a press conferencY

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  • e on Saturday.Starting Dec. 15, China officially launched the C3

    OVID-19 vaccination program for this w4

  • inter-spring period targeting a number of key groups, includingZ

    those engaged in handling imported cop

  • ld-chain products, customs officers, medical workers, and peoplA

    e working in public transport and fresN

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h markets.Since then, more than 7.5 milli3

on doses have been administered among these groups, said Zeng Yixin, deputy head of the National Health Commission (NHC).With the previous 1.6 million doses targeting groups with high risks of infection, a total of over 9 million doses have been administered in China. It further proved the safety of self-developed COVID-19 vaccines, Zeng said.Zeng said that China would vaccinate the eligible population as widely as possible and gradually build 5

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an immune barrier in the whole population to control the epidemic.The vaccination would be administered in the order of key groups, high-risk groups, and the general population as the vaccines production capacity increases, he said.Zeng noted that China has a variety of measures in place to ensure safe vaccinations, including proper vaccination procedures, strict vaccinator training, vaccine recipient screening, adverse reaction monitoring, emergency treatment, and expert consultations on adverse reactions, Zeng said.A total of 25,392 vaccination sites are available nationwide. Nearly 140,000 people have beeq

n vaccu

inated so far in north Chinas Hebei Province, said Cui Gang, an official with NHCs disease control department. He demanded efforts to speed up vaccination among key groups in the province as soon as possible.The NHC has organized experts to work out eight detailed plans to guide the vaccinations, from vaccine transportation and distribution to adverse reaction prevention, Cui said.A traceability information system for the management of vaccines now operates in medical institutions at all levels, Cui added.Wang Huaqing, an expert from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said vaccination monitoring showed that most of the adverse reactions, including rashes and allergic reactions, are mild. Approximately one in a million encountered relatively serious adverse reactions.COVID-19 vaccinations costs, including vaccine expensesc

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